Russian Translation Services for Consumer Electronics Industry

We are true tech geeks. Smartphones, tablets, hard drives, cameras, drones, smart watches – all these words make our hearts beat faster. We also know how many challenges high-tech companies are facing when it comes to product marketing and reaching the right audience. With our creative translations, all your messages will resonate the way you mean it.

Enhance your traffic

Get to a new level with the content translated to produce results.
  • Keep your users even more engaged throughout multiple touchpoints thanks to translations they would love to read.
  • Attract hot leads to your web-sites with compelling and captivating translations.
  • Increase CTR and conversions by localizing your landing pages, which showcase your gadgets, apps or solutions.

Target your audience

Focus on your target groups and skyrocket your marketing effect.
  • Send personalized email and offers with creative translations tailored to each segment group.
  • Win the trust of your audience by translating your case studies, feedbacks and success stories from happy clients.
  • Position your company as an expert and translate your webinars, online courses and dev kits into Russian.
With other translation agencies, it often feels like a business transaction, but with you, it feels like we’re collaborating on a project with the same common goal in mind.
Ashley Kibler
AT Internet

take care about users

Show love to your customers by caring about them to the tiniest details.
  • Make sure your manuals and service books are concise and readable with precise and technically correct translations.
  • Provide the best user experience on multiple platforms by localizing your interfaces.
  • Offer best-in-class customer management service in Russian language to make your clients come back for more.

provoke social buzz

Reach your clients across all social media and win their love during first interaction.
  • Set up omnichannel and cross-channel campaigns across social media with fast and creative translations.
  • Create loyal community around your brand with translations of newsletters, new models overviews and high-tech news.
  • Build up strong brand and gain authority by translating white papers, long reads and markets overviews.

open new opportunities

Explore new companies, partners and start-ups and enance network capabilities.
  • Easily communicate with business partners thanks to prompt and concise translations.
  • Connect with new start-ups on the Russian market and share your insights and experience with your connections.
  • Turn your R&D efforts and innovations into market success with translations that work for your name.
"Our web-sites and marketing kits are published in 10 different languages, and our foreign partners are always delighted with wordbrite's results."
Evgeniya Veretinskaya
YST Group

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