Case Study: ETS Group

ETS Group takes advantage of Wordbrite's expertise to deliver power (of translation) for the people of Bangladesh.


ETS Group is a Russian company based in Nizhny Novgorod. They are experts in designing state-of-the-art power plants and systems. To ensure further growth of their business on a global scale, they managed to land a contract with Power Generation Commitee of Bangladesh. ETS Group had to prepare a detailed survey on how to safely integrate a newly built nuclear power plant into the energy system of Bangladesh.

To be better understood and to ensure proper translation of their documents, they decided to choose Wordbrite's team.    


High-quality translation of a 500-page technical survey within an extremely tight timeframe.

It is not easy to find a good translator, who is able to clearly transform your ideas and make them resonate with your customers. It becomes even more complicated when you have a 500-page report to be delivered in two weeks to the Energy Authorities of Bangladesh. You want to make sure there’s no confusion and they understand what you are planning to do.

In such a rush, it was very hard for ETS Group to find the right translator due to several reasons:

1. There was just not enough time to perform a quality search for a translator specializing in their field.

2. Within this short timeframe many translators are unwilling to take on large projects.

3. They needed a team of translators to complete this task in time.

ETS Group chose Wordbrite to help solve this puzzle.

"We were struggling to find a translation partner, who would take time to understand our business to achieve the right results. With Wordbrite I don’t have to worry about the quality. Communication is very quick, you ask questions, you get to the point and produce the results we need to grow our business".
– Sergey Zuy, Technical Director of ETS Group


To help our customer in time we activated all our resources and quickly found translators, who specialize in the field of ETS Group, namely – Power Plants Design. In the meantime, our managers facilitated swift communication with ETS Group on terminology and translation issues. This ensured that the translators and editors were quickly receiving information they needed to deliver great results. 


So what did ETS Group get in the end?

1. Over 100,000 words of highly technical nature translated in time with no compromise to quality.

2. Very happy customer who is willing to work with them again (and we can’t wait for the next challenge.

3. Reputation of reliable service provider able to go the extra mile.
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