Case Study: Qligent

Qligent teams up with Wordbrite to translate its manual for the English-speaking users.


Qligent’s focus is providing innovative enterprise software solutions and cloud-based services for media content verification. Their software can monitor hundreds of parameters across thousands of locations to unveil a true picture of the media experience being delivered to viewers.

With a developer team based in Russia, Qligent needed to translate a manual of their solution into English for the English-speaking users. After a round of test translations, they chose Wordbrite to help them deal with this task.


  • Deliver accurate and unambiguous Russian-English translation to provide support for end-users.
  • Keep the correct technical style and tone to make the manual feel natural for the end readers.
  • Ensure consistency and use of the right terminology across help documentation.
“We are happy we found you. You are very quick to respond to our needs and you deliver great translations. Also, you learned the terminology very fast and all by yourself from our test account. I barely needed to explain anything to you. It shows that you really value our time. Thank you for the good work!”
– Vadim Murin, System Analyst at Qligent 


To deliver the best translation for our new customer, we carefully studied their business to understand what they do and how they bring value to customers.

Besides that, we wanted to make sure we use the right terminology in our translation, as the subject matter was quite specific. We requested a test account of Qligent’s solution, so we could refer to it to and ensure consistency between help documentation and the UI.

When done with all of the research, we translated the document, aligned terminology together with Qligent, reviewed the manual several times and delivered the final file. It took us 2 weeks to complete this task.


  • It has become much easier for the English-speaking users to operate Qligent’s solution.
  • Qligent focused completely on testing and development thanks to Wordbrite’s streamlined translation and terminology management process.
  • 15,000-word manual meticulously translated within 2 weeks to bring better user experience of Qligent’s solution.
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