Case Study: Infobip

Infobip selects Wordbrite to translate the revamped website from English into Russian.


Infobip is a global cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey at scale, with easy and contextualized interactions over customers’ preferred channels.


Infobip was planning to launch a revamped website across multiple languages, including Russian. Their primary goal was to ensure their marketing copy speaks to target audience in a clear, concise, and engaging way and helps them convert more website visitors into customers.

Previous experience with Russian LSPs was not great as the Russian team had to double check translated copy for accuracy and spend a lot of time on reworking and rewriting it to make it a better fit for the local Russian market.

Infobip needed a translation vendor that would be more engaged in the localization process and work together with them as a partner.

Because the website revamp was a big and strategically important project, Infobip wanted to get a transcreated and ready-to-publish translation that would require as little changes as possible and would be ready to go live quickly.

"Wordbrite reached out to me at the very right moment. I was evaluating several translation vendors in order to pick the best for Infobip localization needs. When they completed a small test assignment all my doubts of choosing the right agency were cleared: Wordbrite demonstrated very thorough and creative approach towards the translation process. They didn’t just translate the text word-by-word but localized the text making it easy and interesting to read. It’s very valuable that Wordbrite provided high service quality regardless of the project size. Website, newsletter, blog – every text was translated with a brilliant quality in a short period of time."
– Svetlana Emelyanova, Marketing Manager Eurasia, Infobip 


Infobip selected Wordbrite as their primary website translation vendor for Russian.

We created a dedicated team of translators specialized in Infobip’s field. To optimize the translation process, we prepared a brief with translation guidelines so that the linguists know what style and tone of voice to follow when working on Infobip’s marketing communications.

Thanks to professional approach of Infobip’s team, content from the pages was exported into a spreadsheet in the same order as it appeared on the website. Although this may seem easy, it’s not a common thing in localization. This helped to speed up and streamline the translation process.

Here is what the translation process looked like.

We set up a Telegram chat with the Infobip team for fast communication and quicker reaction to localization requests.

Then we integrated the master file into a CAT-tool to ensure smooth workflow, transparent pricing, easy progress tracking, terminology management, and translation memory updates.

The translation process had the following stages:

1. Initial translation by a translator specialized in marketing
2. Review and editing by an experienced and specialized editor to ensure the TOV and style guidelines are followed
3. Final proofreading to ensure the delivered copy is free from typos or inconsistencies
4. Final delivery and post-project support – terminology updates, checking if the published translations look good in the layout

To improve the translation results, we regularly discussed the translation of the specialized terms with Infobip and gathered valuable feedback about the delivered translations.

Thanks to fast communication and openness on both ends, we could make the translation process smoother and forward all the necessary information to translators and editors to achieve better results.


  • Infobip got a fully localized Russian website that drives more engagement and sales on the Russian market. The website copy has Infobip’s distinctive style and tone of voice that creates better connection with visitors while boosting brand awareness.
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