Russian App Localization

Translate your app into Russian and get greater reach, visibility, engagement, and sales. 

Translate and localize your app into Russian

Do you have an app in App Store or Google Play you want to localize into Russian? With us, you will deliver the best user experience for your Russian customers, both in terms of usability and engagement.

How to get a perfect Russian app localization?

Cover your bases
Prepare all resources you are planning to localize: UI, images, videos, etc. This way will get a clear picture of the required efforts and investments.
Plan the layout
Your UI has to be adaptable to accommodate the Russian language as it sometimes can take up 40% more space compared to English. You also need to use the right format for dates, numbers, time, currencies, etc.
Provide context
Context is the essential part of any localization process. It can be screenshots of the app’s interface or examples of strings using placeholders. This will speed up translation and reduce the number of errors or overlaps.
Run a test
By testing your app, you will get rid of the most common Russian localization issues: clipped or overlapped text, incorrect formatting, untranslated strings and many more.
Don’t forget about marketing
Make sure you have your marketing kit in stock to promote your app in Russia: SEO-optimized app descriptions, localized app-preview screenshots, videos, etc.

Getting your app localized into Russian is easy. All you need to do is to get in touch!

Why we can make your app the brightest

Full project support
From consultation during preparation to testing and transcreation of marketing materials.
Highest availability on the market
Dedicated team available to help you with urgent requests.
Extensive experience
We localized dozens of apps and even the complete mobile OS for a large Japanese company.
We will also take care of your promotion by making an SEO-friendly adaptation.
One step beyond
If you need to promote your app more actively, we will advise you on our partners who will help you with that too.
Content management
We use specialized software and translation memories to make sure your content stays consistent over time.
Let's localize your app into Russian!
Get in touch to learn how we can help you localize your mobile app to increase reach, engagement, and sales with your users from Russia.