Case Study: YST Group

YST Group partners with Wordbrite to support its marketing campaigns in 12 languages.


YST Group is a leading manufacturer of alloy and steel wheels in Russia with own production facilities and fast-growing distribution. Several years ago, their management decided to expand globally. To succeed, it was vital for YST Group to find a partner, who will facilitate all communications in 12 languages.


  • Localize various types of content (marketing content, help documentation, web application UI).
  • Ensure translation into 12 languages with the required level of creativity and consistency.
  • Set up a process to suit urgent overnight projects and quick social media updates.
"Your approach is your advantage. You are taking great care about our projects and you always say “We’ll do it” to any new challenge."
– Evgeniya Veretinskaya, Marketing and Content Manager at YST Group 


When a business wants to expand globally, it is essential to get everything prepared. Translation is playing one of the key roles in this process since even the slightest mistake or a confusing text can ruin all your efforts and brand reputation. Therefore, we set up a team of translators and native speakers for 12 languages with profound knowledge in the automotive field and marketing. Our next step was to streamline communication between translators, YST Group’s marketers and developers to outline the target audience and desired style, as well as receive prompt communication about digital properties and their UI.


  • Successful launch of marketing campaigns in 12 languages including website copies, SMM, presentations, and landing pages.
  • Fully and consistently localized UI of the company’s own order processing system.
  • Reputation of a leader on the automotive market.
  • New customers and partners all over the world.
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